Our Company Aim

In our role as a building company, our aim is to continually give our customers and clients the unrivalled service we pride ourselves on. Whether locally in Littlehampton, Worthing and the neighbouring areas, or further afield in Brighton, Chichester, Haywards Heath, Storrington or any other South of England location, our builders strive to reach new heights in terms of quality, craftsmanship and project delivery.

In the coming years, we want to promote our progressive building techniques for property refurbishments and renovations, property extensions and new builds to an even wider audience. We want decision makers to have a greater understanding of the environmental impact of traditional construction methods.

Soaring to unparalleled heights in quality, craftsmanship and project delivery, empowering us to build a better future.

Who are We?

Future Build Specialist Ltd is a residential and commercial building company operating in the South of England. Some of our primary service areas include Brighton, Chichester, Haywards Heath, Storrington and Worthing. We have a niche in traditional, modern and luxury homes for end users in tandem with commercial interior fit outs for both private and commercial clients.

Company Overview

Future Build Specialist Ltd operates as a project-management-led building company in the South of England. Based in Littlehampton, we undertake design-and-build projects such as property extensions, property refurbishments and new builds in Brighton, Chichester, Haywards Heath, Storrington, Worthing and the surrounding areas.

Established in 2013 as a subsidiary of The Future Property Group, our management team consists of experienced business owners, builders and tradesmen. Having become disillusioned with the industry’s lack of professionalism and poor standards, we decided to do something about it.

With the incorporation of Future Build Specialist Ltd came a vision: to raise the bar across the sector and present clients with a progressive solution and an unrivalled service. As a result, customers would no longer have to suffer intolerable practices, including no-shows and bad workmanship, underpinned by lack of management and radio silence.

In keeping with our name, we have recently become an approved installer of NUDURA, a progressive approach to building. By using the ICF (insulated concrete forms) method of construction, our builders create more environmentally friendly, energy efficient homes, workplaces and leisure facilities. This certification underlines our commitment to sustainable building and awareness of the negative effects current practices have on our environment. We must all work together to help save our planet; building the future now is our contribution.

From property extensions to property refurbishments, with every completed hand-over, Future Build Specialist Ltd forges another strong relationship. These relationships have become the foundations for the growth of our building company.

Key Objectives

  • Offer all our clients the best possible service regardless of the project size
  • Use our experience and knowledge as builders to advise clients and assist in delivering exactly what they want to achieve
  • Offer outstanding levels of customer service, workmanship and impeccable finishes
  • Work with any budget to ensure our clients get the best possible value for their real estate

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