Reputable Building Company in Brighton | Why People Choose and Recommend Our Services

At Future Build Specialist Ltd, we treat our domestic customers and commercial clients as the most important people in our building company. While our time-served builders use proven techniques to produce outstanding workmanship, everything we do and achieve comes from concepts and specifications laid out by the property owners and developers who hire us. Whether it’s property refurbishments, property extensions or new builds, we work in order to bring long-held dreams and visions to life. As such, we operate as a new house builder in Brighton with complete customer satisfaction as a priority.

Naturally, this client-focused approach remains highly popular with the property owners we work with. However, it isn’t the only reason why people and developers choose us as their building company. Below, we have outlined some of the other reasons behind our ongoing success as forward-thinking builders.

Reasons to Choose Us as Your Builders

Experience – When it comes to choosing a building company for large-scale projects such as property extensions, property refurbishments and new build homes, we cannot over emphasise the importance of experience. Not only does proven know-how have a huge impact on the quality of the finished results, it also ensures the entire project, from concept to completion, runs smoothly, efficiently and without delay.
As a new house builder in Brighton, the team at Future Build Specialist Ltd holds over 20 years of combined industry experience. This trade expertise sets us apart from other builders in the region.
Sustainable New House Builder – Now more than ever, builders in Brighton and across the UK turn to sustainable construction methods to help play a role in the fight against climate change. Britain’s housing stock remains amongst the least energy efficient in Europe. Housing accounts for over 30% of all energy used in the UK, something which contributes significantly to carbon emissions. As an environmentally conscious building company, we strive to raise awareness, and the effectiveness of, innovative, less harmful construction methods used in property refurbishments, property extensions and new builds.
We hold status as a NUDURA-approved new house builder, meaning we can utilise ICF (insulated concrete formwork) building systems. ICF involves hollow, lightweight insulated blocks which lock together without the need for intermediate bedding materials like mortar. These blocks create the formwork into which our builders pour concrete. Once cured, the finished installation becomes a robust concrete frame structure with impressive thermal insulation qualities.
Project Management – We proudly operate in Brighton as a project-management-led building company. Unlike some builders, we raise the bar across all aspects of construction. We don’t only produce property refurbishments, property extensions and new builds of outstanding quality, we also excel in design, planning and communication. In fact, one of the motivating factors behind our establishment as a new house builder was the frustration with poor standards we saw with other builders.
Quite frankly, we wanted to deliver a better service; one that property owners could rely on for excellence in every respect. We firmly believe successful builders grow through effective project management, so we have placed it at the heart of our building services.

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