Builders in Haywards Heath | Things to Consider Before Committing to a Construction Project

As a building company with a team sharing more than 20 years of trade experience, we understand the thought our clients put into a project before committing to it. This process remains integral to the success of large-scale work such as whole property refurbishments, property extensions and new builds. These projects extend far beyond the results produced by our builders, both before and after the construction process. As such, we strongly advise anyone in Haywards Heath and the surrounding areas to put in the due consideration before contacting an extension or new house builder.

We pride ourselves on being a customer-focused building company, so we have taken a closer look below at some of the key things to consider before committing to new builds, property extensions and property refurbishments.

As a new house builder, we design and build properties from the foundations up. Naturally, this represents a huge undertaking. These projects often represent long-held dreams for our private clients in Haywards Heath, not to mention sizeable investments.

  • Only Buy Quality Land – While the size and dimensions of your plot of land will draw the eye, it must consist of good quality soil. If you purchase poor quality soil, it could cost hundreds, maybe thousands of pounds to fix, as well as delaying the arrival of our builders to start the project.
  • Consider Wildlife – As your new house builder, we strongly advise you to check if any wildlife, particularly protected species, live on your proposed piece of land. If your premises contains such a species, it can cost a significant amount of money to rehome them.
  • Remember Access – It’s all very well buying land in Haywards Heath and having a new house builder construct a property, but you may also need to utilise someone else’s land to access yours. Known as ransom strips, these small parcels of land remain vital to any new build project.

When you choose us as your building company, you receive decades worth of extension expertise. Important points to consider here are:

Budget – As with new builds, property refurbishments or any home development project, the budget for extensions remains essential. While it may sound obvious, the setting of a realistic budget ensures all parties you can actually afford to pay for your work. This also ensures that designers, builders and trades don’t waste their time.
Time – Property extensions take a considerable amount of time to start. While timescales differ from case to case, it can often take more than 6 months to clear the various planning, design and tender stages. Even the builders on site in Haywards Heath can only work when the British weather complies.
Neighboring Properties – Homeowners undertaking property extensions need to consider issues like party walls, overlooking neighbouring homes and the neighbour’s own ‘right to light’. As your building company, we can clarify these issues following a site survey.

If you are searching options for new house builders, or a building company that specialises in property extensions and property refurbishments, Future Build Specialist makes everything simple and easy to understand. In specific regard to property refurbishments, these projects usually fall within permitted development rights and come on a highly bespoke basis. As such, our builders work with a flexible approach to deliver results to the highest possible standards.

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