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As time-served extension and new house builders, Future Build Specialist Ltd understands that any conversation about extending a home or constructing a new one eventually lands on the subject of planning permission. What type of projects need it? Will I need to compromise my initial concept and vision? Are there any exclusions? If you’re currently researching property extensions or looking for a building company to manage a new build project in the Worthing area, we strongly advise investigating this subject as early as possible. This will ensure you shape a vision that complies with planning approval requirements from the outset.In this blog, we introduce the often-complex world of planning permission, specifically in relation to property extensions and new builds. Given this complexity, we can’t cover every detail in a short blog post. However, this introduction will leave you better informed ahead of meeting our extension and new house builders for an initial consultation.

To schedule a meeting with a representative of our building company in the comfort of your own home, please call us on 01903 389 012. Our extension and new house builders happily visit locations throughout the Worthing area to discuss projects of any size or complexity.

Planning Permission for Property Extensions

In many cases, extending a house falls into the classification of permitted development. If your proposed work sits within the criteria for such development, you don’t need to gain any permission or apply for planning approval. Naturally, projects classed as permitted development do come with numerous criteria and limits.

SendBelow, we have listed a selection of the most common limitations our building company encounters: The size of property extensions must not exceed more than half the area of land surrounding the original house. This does not include any other extensions or additions carried out by previous owners Property extensions cannot exceed the highest part of the original roof. Any proposed extension that reaches beyond this height will not qualify as permitted development Side extensions that fall under permitted development can only have one storey, a maximum height of 4 metres and a width no more than half that of the original house Single-storey extensions must not extend beyond the original house’s rear wall by more than 3 metres (semi-detached house) or 4 metres (detached house) To avoid applying for planning permission, single-storey property extensions must not exceed a height of 4 metres The maximum height of your extension’s eaves and ridge must not exceed that of the existing house

Planning Permission for New Builds

Whether you want our building company to construct a new house for you to live in, to sell on for a profit or to use as an investment, you will need planning permission from the local authority in Worthing. As your new house builder of choice, we take every measure to help make this process as swift and efficient as possible.In short, planning permission means the local authority grants you the rights to construct a specific property of a certain size on a designated plot. Those making the decision take into account ‘material planning considerations’ related to your project, including:

  • Overlooking and Loss of Privacy
  • Loss of Sunlight
  • Disturbance or Noise
  • Loss of, or Effect on, Trees
  • Capacity of Physical Infrastructure
  • Overshadowing and Loss of Outlook
  • Traffic Generation and Vehicular Access
  • Effect on Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings

Planning permission usually comes in two main forms: ‘outline planning permission’ and ‘detailed planning permission’. As their names suggest, the former represents a more general, toe-in-the-water approach to see if it’s worth pursuing the latter. Detailed planning permission gives the green light for our building company to start work, allowing us to build in line with your stated plans.Like the limitations outlined for property extensions, the above list is by no means exhaustive. Your Worthing project will be subject to local and national policy requirements. As experienced new house builders, we strongly recommend preparing yourself with as much research as possible.

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